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Hi guys,

I'm looking for driver and passenger side windows. I recently got a ticket for 35% tints on the front and I'd hate to take it off just so i can pay this broke state. So, I have decided to just get replacement glass and keep the tinted glass if i want to put them back on in the future. So where can I get cheap glass?

For those of you in the favor of this law. I am well aware of the fact that I have broken the state law and i should deal with it. Yes, i see your point of view, however, i have my own views towards this law and I find it to be very dumb. Its my problem to deal with the consequence, not yours. I simply want to know where I can get the glass from.

Also, is there a DIY for glass replacement out there. i just want to know how to safely get the glass out of the door.

This is for 2006 TSX.

Thanks guys!!
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