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OK - some of you might remember the troubles I had with my Navi when I first got the car ('05, PWP - got it <three weeks ago) :) . Basically, it didn't work ... it showed my position on the map, but none of the directoin functions would work and it wouldn't name the street I was on (in the little bar at the bottom). Anyway, I popped the DVD out of the trunk unit (w/ car running) popped it back in and all seemed to work. :donno:

Well, now that I've had the car for a while, I'm still not convinced it's working properly. (Or maybe my expectations are just too high). :rotz:

In order to reduce the lenght of this post, I'll just list the things it's doing (or not doing) that makes me think it's buggered:

- frequently (and I mean 15-25% of the time) it shows me on the wrong road - off by a block or so (though, I did read in the owners manual that this will happen from time to time - so maybe this is normal).

- refuses to plot directions to some locations (e.g. - even when it appeared to be plotting my location and accurately named the road I was on, it refused to plot a route to the Airport - a location I found in its database ... it just said, "Route not complete, try again from another location).

- frequently (in some areas 100% of the time!) the map plots my locatoin accurately on a NAMED road on the map (i.e. it shows me on GROVER STREET, or TRANSCANADA HWY - roads that are 50+ years old and appear on the map-screen), yet the little bar at the bottom says UNAMMED ROAD ... or, sometimes, NOT ON A DIGITIZED ROAD ... and, of course, when this happens none of the direction functions will work (since it doesn't seem to know where to start me from).

- in some areas, I'll be running down a street/Hwy, Navi shows me on it, screen accurately names the road ... then, all of a sudden, the little bar at the bottom changes to UNNAMED ROAD ... yet the map still shows me ON the same road (and no breadcrumbs, so it's not like it thinks I went bushwaking off the side of the road) ... this happens in roughly the same spot on my commute everyday on the Hwy to work.

NOTE: In EACH of these cases, I'm getting a good GPS signal (indicated by GREEN "GPS" letters at top of screen, next to compus).


So, at this point, it's so unreliable that I can't really count on it to give me directions. For example, I went looking for a parts store the other day - had the address (on a major, mapped road) and planned to just punch it in. But once in the car, it said I was on an UNNAMED ROAD (even though the name of the road appeared on the map screen AND showed my car on THAT road). So, in this state, the Navi will not calculate a route (again, I suppose, that's because it doesn't seem to know where I'm starting from) and I'm screwed.

Anyway - sorry for the epic-post. But, I'm just frustrated and looking for some advice before I head back to the dealer.

Do others have these problems. Does you Navi just crap out in some towns (like mine, which says all of Coquiltlam (a town in BC) is made entirely of UNNAMMED roads, even though the map appears entirely accurate, with all the street names shown)?


PS - I did note a fairly significant scratch on the DVD (which was there when I FIRST ejected it) ... any chance THIS could be the problem?


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FIXED - for good this time ...

ok - NOW it's really fixed.

I took her into the dealership on Friday - my salesperson bolted straight for me ... I explained my problem and she said, "I WILL be perfect before you leave." (Great service, hey? I was impressed.)

Long story short - the Service Mgr. was very unimpressed/concerned with the big scratch on my DVD, so he figured we'd start there ... grabbed a fresh one out of another TSX on the lot and ... voila, instantly fixed.

EACH and EVERY one of the problems I listed went away and have not returned.

In addition - while I did not identify this problem because I had nothing to compare to - the whole system 'works' much, much faster now. Most noticably, it calculates routes in 3-10 seconds now, whereas before it could take upwards of 30 or 40 seconds (when it was working).

Very cool - I'm sooooo much more pleased with it now.

And, once again, hats off to North Shore Acura - GREAT SERVICE!
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