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I have a rear bumper cover from a 2004 TSX that would also fit a 2005 that I'd like to put up for sale.
  • Plastic is 99% flawless. There are no cracks, just the slightest crease if you look carefully that could be filled and sanded with a dime sized amount of bondo or heavy layering of primer. I could even throw in a small bondo kit that is designed for plastic bumpers if you'd like.
  • Paint on the other hand would need be sanded down or if you can find a solvent that is plastic bumper safe but still wipes paint off. This bumper is Premium Pearl White but has been repainted and touched up so many times that it's time to take it down to plastic or close to it and refinish for good adhesion.
I'm thinking about offering this bumper for about $100. I'm located in the San Francisco Bay Area while shipping properly to other parts of the state or US would likely run about $200 to $300 additional to cover freight at cost. Please let me know if anyone is interested.
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