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Just jumped on here to offer you a great deal. I fellow co-worker of mine won the Comcast Acura give-away and is trying to unload it before taxes. He just got a new car then won this one. Lucky ass !

PM me

2004 Acura TSX
VIN # JH4CL96824C041416
Mileage on car is under 50 miles
4-door, automatic, leather interior, Air Conditioning, AM/FM/CD, TILT, Cruise Control, Aluminum Wheels, Electric Moon-Roof
The color is Arctic Blue with Ebony leather interior
Total Retail Value is $27,035.00
I'm willing to let it go for 21,500, and willing to negotiate!!!

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no-nav right ?

gosh this is too good.
I'd fly over with the cash & drive it back.

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No nav - I was just told a dealer offered him 23K

Sucks to know they'll buy it for 23k and sell it for 27k BASTARDS
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