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FS: 2007 TSX PWP/Black in 6-spd w/Navi 94544

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2007 white pearl exterior—black interior about 38900 miles

6-speed with navigation (disc updated to 2010 or 2011-cant remember which?)
Acura A-spec suspension (original suspension included)
Light tint on rear windows
Clear bra on most of front, door moldings, and mirrors.
Otherwise the car is stock and untouched.
Car is located in Bay Area of Norcal 94544

The Pleasanton acura dealer has done most of the service so far and I have all the records.

I don’t drive it very much at all as you can see by the mileage, and as the kids are getting bigger and taller The wife and I have a larger vehicle on the way. No accidents, no paint work, I bought the car new from Acura of Pleasanton when I was 35 years old.

I have two sets of factory wheels (both with TPMS) one with almost worn out Toyo R888 and another set with brand new sticker Toyo R888.

I am asking $17,900 with the new set of wheels and tires, if both wheels wanted prob another $500 more. [email protected]
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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