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FS: Bride Seat New

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Hi i have TENZO R bolt on exhaust is fit 01 civic 4drs, use it 1yers little min, asking $200take it, the sound still good, with Silencer

Bride 2 pair for it have RED and Black, red for sale $1300 and the blcak for $1100 New

help my friend to sale it, is Hella HID H1 8000K from RSX SOLD
RSX Stuff: Neuspeed Upper strut tie bar $180 New
Upper rear strut bar $230 New
Lower tie bar $130 New
Cross brace $300 New
sport springs Yellow $280 New
Koni yellow front, back around $1000 New
Cox my frineds need back to H.k to work, that's why he sale all the things, and he never install it

Canon S40 Digital Camera inside have 16MB, CD, 2 Battery, have Box anythings inside cable too asking $350 take it and i buy from Hong Kong

Computer stuff: Linksys BEFSX41-CA 4-Port Cable/DSL Firewall $35, no box
Canon printer i320 looking for $45 with USB

AMP: I think is call Pyramid 300W 2 channel #PB444 asking $25

I also have a Pioneer MD player PMD-P3-L just use a few time buy from Hong Kong not use any more asking $100 take it


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I will give you $125 for the Neuspeed brace right now. Where are you located? I could pick it up..or I will pay you to ship it to me.

let me know...Thanks!
Oh, I might be interested in the upper rear also...but I wouldn't pay that much. Lower the price and I will see if I am capable of purchasing it (just bought the car, and got hosed on my old car when I sold it!!).

Thread Date : 12-18-2004

Please, Sir

haha this is beyond resurrection.

I think the OP should be back to post his second post soon.....not ! LOL
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haha at least he searched!!! lolololol :p :wiggle:
if buyer backs out..i will take the neuspeed brace ;)
-phase- said:
if buyer backs out..i will take the neuspeed brace ;)
lol you are such a newb
*locked* due to date of posting.

It's safe to assume the OP is not around and if he/she is..PM me and i'll unlock it.
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