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Do you want to reduce outside road noise and increase speaker clarity?

- Four 12" x 36" sheets

- At .044" thick, it's lighter than Dynamat Original, four times more effective,
requires no heat to apply and is recommended for contoured vehicle panels.

I purchased this package for almost $90.00 and am letting it go for $60.00
plus $8.00 shipping. :tardsmash

note: This package is brand spanking new and unopened!


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does it make a noticeable difference?
i am a little annoyed with the amount of road/wind noise the TSX has. its not a lot, but i expected less from the "upscale Honda" company Acura.

if you have links, or someone you can refer me to that has it, that would be great.

Is the install as simple as removing the panels and just placing the sheets in?

I'm very interested and probably will take it off your hands if you can provide me with that info, i'll check on the web as well.

you can email me at [email protected]

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