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This white-on-black 2007 Acura TSX with a six-speed manual in is my current daily driver, and has been for about 5-1/2 years (I'm the third owner). Clean title and CARFAX, VIN is JH4CL95817C019722.

I bought it in April 2016 from someone who had modded it and I partially reverted it to stock, keeping only what I felt made it more fun as a daily driver: Hondata Flashpro tuned to smooth out the VTEC engagement and to delete "rev hang", Comptech "Icebox" air intake, and a Magnaflow "high flow" 50 state (CA legal) cat converter.

When I had to replace the shocks two years ago, I went with Koni STR.T (orange) ones as the best combination of "daily driver" and "more responsive feeling". Car is not lowered (stock springs).

Major wear/tear stuff handled in the past three years: new battery and tires (Continental PureContact); the aforementioned shocks and accompanying suspension parts, AC compressor, power steering pump

I've also significantly upgraded the audio system; I will miss this a lot! A custom 10" JL Audio subwoofer in trunk, Alpine 5-channel amplifier, top end Alpine 6-1/2" component speakers in both front/rear doors, and an audio equalizer/processor behind in the rear seat armrest, plus added Dynamat soundproofing.

I've also got an Apple integrated cable so you can use a direct digital connection (instead of the AUX 1/8" audio jack) to play and to power from an iPhone. The steering wheel controls will work on it, as well. To use this, I have a magnetic mount glued onto the dashboard to put my phone (a small metal plate being stuck in the back of my phone's case).

Here are pics of the car (with the requisite verification slip pic), plus a YouTube clip I uploaded showing the effect of the Hondata tuning that "smooths out" VTEC. Too bad I couldn't get my phone pointed at the dashboard (it was on the magnetic dash mount), but you can hear VTEC engaging around 5500 RPM instead of at 6800 RPM, and increasing linearly towards redline.

If you want to, you can restore the ECU to stock by removing the Hondata Flashpro tuning and selling the Flashpro, people pay upwards of $500 for one of these used. But why would you want to do that?

Pics of the car: cosmetic blemishes would include slight pitting on the rear bumper, a dent in the right rear tailpipe (which was there before I got the car), and some very small acorn dents on the hood (street parked car), plus some leather wearing on the driver's side seat.

I have also replaced the OEM headlights with aftermarket ones when the original ones started to both cloud up and condense water in the rain; if you want to clear them and re-seal them, I still have them in my garage.

I have only the one remote (memory #1) but I have had a second key cut as a backup.

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OK, after 4 or 5 inquiries the car sold to the first person to come see the car...

...I'm gonna miss that hand brake and naturally aspirated VTEC sound, man!

Plus that sound system I put into it over the years. No stock audio will sound that good!
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