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Bought it two days ago - somewhat experiencing buyer's remorse as I was supposed to be saving money (according to girlfriend) - so I thought I'd give you guys first crack at it - B)

I've played it no more than 2 hours total - screen has no dead pixels - in perfect condition -

Contents include:
  • Spiderman 2 movie (full-length)
  • Memory Stick Duo - 32MB
  • Game/Music/Movie Video Sampler Disc
  • AC Adapter
  • Battery Pack
  • Headphones with remote control
  • Soft case, wrist strap, and dust cloth

Also included is the game Need for Speed Underground Rivals -

All manuals/boxes included.

Asking $330 shipped via FedEx anywhere in the continental U.S.

I didn't get it expecting to turn it around for a profit - I'm selling it for exactly how much I paid, and will eat the shipping cost. In fact, I was at Target getting some toiletries and came across the last unit they had - I actually like the unit a lot, and would not hesitate to buy another one later on down the line when it's cheaper. If I am not able to sell it, not a problem - I'll just play with it. B)

Email me at [email protected]

Paypal accepted

Personal checks ok - but will ship only after they clear

Pics of the actual unit -

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