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I'm trying to sell these because the wheel shop had damaged some of my lugs, so I am now stuck with the remaining lugs. They are used, but not abused. I'll let the pics speak for itself. If you're interested please text me at 626 823 6386. Please no trades unless you have a set of Volk Racing Formula lug nuts in Black:)

a.I am asking $10.00 shipped for each replacement caps or $20.00 obo shipped for each lug including the caps.

b.Volk Racing Formula Lug nuts (blue)
$325.00 shipped obo

c.2006 Acura Tsx stock wheels $300.00 obo locally or $350.00 obo shipped to the lower 48
d.Damaged 19 in LE37
$250.00 obo shipped

up pic

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Red: $75.95 shipped

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Blue:$75.95 shipped

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Black$75.95 shipped

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GunMetal $75.95 Shipped

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