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For Sale: Function and Form Type 1 V2 off of my 2008 TSX
Used for about less then a month and in great shape
Asking $500 Shipped

Link to pictures:
ImageShack Album - 5 images

Description taken from Heel Toe Automotive

Lowering Range: 1.5" to more than 3" down

Certified HeelToe HT-Spec parts!
This is the first version of HT-Spec damper kit we released with Function/Form. Our developments proved successful enough that Function/Form adopted many of our design specs, meaning this kit in injected with some design spirit that the previous offerings lacked.

As development continued on this kit, a Version 2 damper valving was adopted that took what was great about the HT-Spec Version 1 and made it even better! However we realized that many customers would still prefer the previous Version 1 settings so we are keeping them alive for sale here. The characteristics of these damper kits are as follows:

Firm rear shocks, to help resist rubbing in extreme wheel fitments.
Softer front shocks to help compensate for poor ride caused by rear firmness

Our reasons for changing to Version 2 are mostly with respect to the fact that the shock settings mentioned above would serve a smaller segment of the total Acura market, and thus the Version 2 kit has a more balanced damper format, with firmer front shocks giving a more sharp and direct handling character, and the rear shocks with valving that provides a better ride/handling balance. See the Version 2 elsewhere in the cart.

Features of Type-I Kits:
Upper mount with rubber bushing pre-installed for simple installation (TL: Allows use of factory strut brace).
Separate height and spring pre-load adjustment for huge height range adjustment from as little as 1.5" to more than 3" down from stock.
Zinc coated shock tubes and aluminum adjustment collars for corrosion resistance.
Rear lower mounts fit perfectly without washers (TL) or grinding (TSX).

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possibly interested if sale falls through
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