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future colorado tsx owner

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hey guys,

im here in denver and i have an 06 legacygt limited. I will be selling it to get into an 06-08 tsx. I have many debates on this and decided its the best choice for me, no more turbo worries, maintenance and whatnot, no more rattles, no more cheap quality material!! so just posting here and hope to get some locals and others to chime in on what i should look for when test driving a tsx and its major problems with these cars? and which is better auto or manual? i used to have a manual mazda 6 then got the legacygt in auto, now i can choose either!! lol just curious how reliable are the manual vs auto? thanks guys, hoping to hear from anyone!!
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I have the 6 speed and love my 05 tsx. Good choice on moving from subaru, I had several wrx's and dumped wayyyyyy to much money into them
yea, performance is nice but to me tsx has both quality and performance...
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