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hot4carz said:
As Americans, we have the luxury and pleasure to be paying next to nothing for our gas - even the premium stuff.

For a reality check, take a trip over to Europe or the Caribbean and see what the rest of the world pays for their fuel - $4.00+ in many cases. There's a reason why the average European doesn't drive a V6 or V8 car - they couldn't afford to fill their tanks.

We live in the most industrialized nation in the world, and we have the luxury to afford expensive cars with leather, A/C, CD players, etc. Even if premium was $2.50 a gallon, we'd still be paying less than half than people in some other nations.

Let's just enjoy our TSXs and drive!
All good points, hot4carz.

Some more points to ponder about. Although the high price of gasoline is definitely one of the main reasons for the boycott, others reasons exist as well:

There's the environmentalist's point of view that the gas companies aren't spending enough to research alternative fuel technologies nor methods to minimize the impacts to the environment.

There's the economist's POV that all the profits are going to the government "fat cats" via all sorts of taxes levied against the gasoline.

There's the consumer's POV that OPEC is throwing around gasoline prices anyway they like and toying with the american public.

Put these POVs together and you're bound to run into these types of boycott. Too bad the gas companies are the ones feeling the brunt of the force.
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