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Hey guys, one of my good friends is a dealer for parts, and he can get TSX parts for us. If anyone is interested, please post. I will have more details later as he need to call to confirm header prices. All items are in stock and will ship immediately once we have enough people.

Right now we are looking at putting a group buy together for any intake and the DC header. Need at least 5 people for intakes and 5 for the header. Once at least 5 are in, orders will be placed immediately. Any orders after 5 can be placed at anytime, just shoot me a PM. Thanks for your interest!


Injen RD 1430
Polished - $200 Shipped
Black - $210 Shipped

K&N Typhoon
Any Color - $190 Shipped

Any Color - $210 Shipped

DC Header
Ceramic - $265 Shipped

If the prices are not to your expectations please do not flame on this thread. I am just trying to help out my friend while helping out you guys as well.

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accsuperstar said:
Kingmotorsport is the only licensed dealer of mugen so cant touch those items. As for comptech it will be coming shortly, just not as of now.
There are several Mugen retailers in the States, but yes, all go through King.
I look forward to your update re:Comptech

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