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Took my first real road trip to Vegas for the SEMA show this week and here is what I found. First I detailed the car with Zaino and then changed the oil with Mobil 1 (5w-30). The car is less than 4 months old and I started with 2300 miles before the trip.

During the drive up from Phoenix along state route 60 your slowly climbing in elevation from about 1100 ft above sea level in Phoenix to almost 2100 ft at Wickenburg. Past the town of Surprise the road is mostly 2 lane black top with various road widening construction going on and lots of motor homes and a few 18 wheel semis until you reach town. Wickenburg is a Mayberry lookalike but buzzing with radar traps almost every quarter mile. Speed and time is slow, about 25 mph through town.

Past Wickenburg driving up state route 93 to the Hoover Dam is where the fun begins. The road again is mostly 2 lane black top interupted with occassional road widening construction and sporadically spaced "passing zones" running about every 10-15 miles.

The terrain is a mildly rolling ribbon of race car fun. Speed limit is about 65 but you cruise mostly between 75-85 mph. This is early in the week (no holidays). During this weekday period you have wide open spaces that allow you to see the road for about 5 miles ahead or until the road rises and crests preventing you to see beyond the next hill. A good radar detector is a must here, my V1 never failed me yet. The area has the most beautiful scenery of the mountains. Joshua Tree National Forest with its strangely shaped cactus treess looks so erie (almost like an ailen forest).

Here is where you can let the TSX's legs out and have a little fun. Whenever you came up to a slower moving vehicle, such as a motoir home or truck, you needed to really pick your spot to pass carefully. But doing so was so amazingly easy and so much fun. I downshifted from 6th to 4th and nailed it, after the tach hits the sweet spot between 4500 - 6000 RPM the pull is amazing. The car kept you pinned to the seat and never felt lacking. Reving it up to 7,000 was so satisfying and fun you realize exactly why you bought this car.

At some points along the road, the TSX was at running well over 110 mph and with plenty RPMs left to spare. The whole time, the car was as quiet and solid as anything you could imagine. You never felt the speed, just quiet and solid stability. I kept thinking about all the driving reviews I ever read describing how wonderfully this car handles and rides, but none ever came close to the actual feeling of driving it at high speed.

I never regreted purchasing the TSX even though I thought I wanted the TL. This trip convinced me I made the right decision.
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