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Gen 1 Brake Wear

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I have a 2007 TSX with automatic transmission. This car seems to go through brakes ridiculously quickly. My rear brakes lasted 40k miles before needing replacement, and the fronts lasted around 65k if I remember correctly. I feel like the fronts lasted a little less than normal, but the rears went much faster than expected. My car is in for service right now and the advisor told me that the rears are at 2 mm and need replacement and the fronts are at 6mm and are under "caution". I feel a vibration in the pedal so I knew the rears needed work, but had no idea about the fronts and was shocked to hear it. I now have 80,500 miles on my car.
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I bought my car used, and had my front brakes changed (rotors and pads) when I bought it. A year later and my rotors had hot spots (I am hard on my brakes). Dealership wanted way to much just to machine them, and my rear brakes needed new rotors and pads at that time. For just a little bit more money I went with the Heel Toe RB brake package, rotors and pads (E500). These are freaked awesome! Had them almost a year, no hot spots whatsoever and there have been a couple of days last summer where I've done some spirited driving and they just stank from heavy use. But no hot spots at all, no noise issues at all, just perfect feel and use. The only thing is when they are cold, they don't stop as soon but I'm used to them now. If I know I'll be pushing them, I will heat them up first. All in all, the best brakes I've ever had on any vehicle and I will only replace the pads with these moving forward.
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