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Ok so right now I'm working with HIC to create a roof spoiler for us (1st gen) so basically this will be a thread to gather interest. I think price will be around $100 roughly, as there are products are priced around the same but I think group buy would be cheaper (not sure yet). fitment will be spot on. Some sample pics:


They will look similar to these. Put your name on the list if your interested.

Group buy pricing would be $85 shipped within lower 48 US. HI and AK buyer add $15 more for shipping cost. Canada $25 shipping cost. All other international buyers are welcome as well. You can pick it up if your in socal.

We needs at least 50 people to be interested to make it worthwhile for hic.
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I'm assuming its the clear plastic how most of the window visors are right?

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Right now, we need to gauge interest to have an incentive for hic to make it. So the more the better. There currently making it for civics and accords. I'll ask for more details later as this progresses. A roof spoiler fitted for the tsx at 100 is a pretty damn good price lol (group buy would be even cheaper) in comparison to the fake sarona and the real sarona. And it looks better imo

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Count me in mclovin
I think it looks great plus if its acrylic then it would loook sooo good with visors.

I can always swap between this and the carbon fiber sarona one I'm making. :D
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