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Generic replacement key fob & Autel Maxisys Mini

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I purchased a used 2012 TSX and it came with only one key and I would like to add another (possibly 2 more). What is the maximum number of keys that can be programmed?

I have a bi-directional scan tool (Autel Maxisys) and want to see if anyone else added additional keys to their 2nd gen.

I can add additional keys to Nissans and a 2nd gen Honda Oddyssey, but never tried the 2nd gen TSX.

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When I bought my 2011 last year, the dealership lost the keys during the time I was purchasing. They got another key/fob made and then found the original 2 keys/fobs they had lost. So I left with THREE keys/fobs programmed for my car!
That's good to know. I like to have 3 copies myself, as I keep one of them at my workplace (which is in the main part of town, I live far away from work).
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