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First, I know that FM transmitter will never be good as hardwired stuff.
I also had the blitzsafe adapter on my TL (how I miss it). However, I had no other choice then the FM transmitter since I did not want to lose XM. I tried many many FM transmitter and they all FAILED.
1) Arkon (ALL their models sucks, esp the analog dialer)
2) iRock Beamit(Limited 4 channel choice, weak FM trans)
3) Belkin TuneCast II (Full freq choice, 4 presets, but horrible signal)
4) iTune Mini (Looks great on my Ipod Mini but static on all channels, might have been defective)

Finally settled on iRiver AFT100. Has full freq choice like the TuneCastII but can also overpower weaker stations and 3 presets so you can change on the move. Audio is acceptable FM stereo. Just incase anyone wanted a FM transmitter, I think this is the best you can get without hardwiring. Remember it is FM quality. Here's my setup, I probably will get blitzsafe or icelink later on but this is acceptable for now. Atleast I still got XM!!
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