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Got an idea , need your opinions !!!

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So ive been seeing these "shadow chrome" posts pop up here and there, and also ive been noticing the "plasti-dip" and "black out" posts as well where you guys use plasti-dip or vinyl to cover up the chrome window trim or the door handle chrome. Well I've been doing some thinking and I came up with an idea of using the "Shadow Chrome" on the chrome window trim to get a unique and different effect. what do you guys think ??? all in favor say YAY all against say NAY :p

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I think it would look good if you can get it to work.
Problem with shadow chrome, is that it is very hard to get it to come out smooth and blotch-free.
Clean the trim with some isopropyl wipes (or it will show up weird in some spots). You need to absolutely make sure that you make even strokes, don't allow the tint to build up anywhere. Make long even strokes the length of the trim and spray from far away make very light even strokes. Allow coats to dry between as recommended.
Good luck, that stuff is so finicky.

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I just ordered that plastidip smoke, but it turns chrome into 'brushed aluminum'. It doesn't seem to tint it, just blur it?

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Do it up and get back! Actually I'll try it out on some spare chrome and get back to you! (if you don't beat me too it)

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1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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