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Got an idea , need your opinions !!!

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So ive been seeing these "shadow chrome" posts pop up here and there, and also ive been noticing the "plasti-dip" and "black out" posts as well where you guys use plasti-dip or vinyl to cover up the chrome window trim or the door handle chrome. Well I've been doing some thinking and I came up with an idea of using the "Shadow Chrome" on the chrome window trim to get a unique and different effect. what do you guys think ??? all in favor say YAY all against say NAY :p

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Yeah i heard better things about Nightshade vs Shadow Chrome (which is wierd, i think theyre made by the same company out of Cleveland.)

That being said, ill be doing my chrome trim in GunMetal PD (with Glossifier perhaps?) soon. Ill post some pics as well soon. Good Luck!
You are correct. Niteshades is by VHT and Shadow Chrome is Dupli-color. Both are companies of Sherwin Williams (they have like 30 companies).
Nite shades is a translucent black while Shadow Chrome is a 2-can kit containing the tinted base coat and a clear coat. I have used them both and the nite shades seems to be a little darker formula. I am pretty sure that nite shades is a lacquer and shadow is an enamel. enamel will typically hold up better chemicals, abuse etc... probably why they market shadow for wheels mostly... But you could clear coat the nite shades and it would probably do just as well when used on chrome trim. The key is proper prep.:)
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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