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Greetings all

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Greetings all TSX owners/fans. New to the world of TSXs. Recently got my Carbon Grey Pearl '06 TSX 2 months ago. Very happy with it except one issue with the city MPG. Anyone else out there with a persistently low city MPG of 15-17? I know the 1G TSX is rated 22/30/25 mixed, so I'm particularly "uncomfortable" with the mid teens city MPG. I've been filling up with premium only (Exxon/Hess/BP). I'm wondering if I should just go for regular at this rate!? For the record I hardly run the AC. Strangely my pure highway MPG is awesome - 32. So why the super low city MPG?? Suggestions?
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welcome. i avg 21 in nyc...local and highway...
Welcome to the forum
Welcome to the forum
welcome. i avg 21 in nyc...local and highway...
And how about the various gas stations? Does it make any difference at all between going to the "discount brand" stations like Hess, versus the "big name" stations like Exxon, Sunoco?
Welcome, I also average in city between 20 - 22 mpg. Maybe the original owner was using regular instead of premium? Did you get new tires on the car? Do you have a fresh oil filter and oil?

15 - 17 is definitely less than stellar.
I still don't get how you guys get so low mpg's worst my gf has ever had in her 06 all city miles was 26 :/
Def don't go to the same station always... And mileage gets worse as you get closer to an oil change... Don't know why. And it Pprobably gets better if you drive like a girl lol

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I have an 06 Carbon Gray Pearl as well. I am averaging 28 mpg on city/highway combined. Bring automatic, I rarely take it past 3,000 rpm.
Maybe thats while, I do bring it up to around low 3's from time to time. However, I feel its so easy to kick it past 2's. Prior car was a Honda Accord EX-V6, perhaps I'm spoiled...? With around 70% city, I've been trending: 24, 15, 25, 19. The variation is off the wall. To answer some prior inquiries, I have pretty new Mich. tires, the 25, and 19 are after oil change at dealer. Have not added anything to the car, all stock. Any other thoughts? Oh btw I opened the air filter box the other day, a bit dirty, took it out and vaccummed it clean. Plan to replace it on next oil change.
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