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Grilles n Stuff.

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Been mucking about in Photoshop as I do when I get a new toy. Tossing a few ideas around to try and make it mine.
I've looked around at the various grilles available and what to do about the plastic chrome bits.
I found some perforated stainless mesh and wondered what it would look like up the Euro's nose.
I stuck the wheels I bought on too and lowered it a bit. (just dreaming- I haven't got them bored or tyres or a lowering kit yet)

What do you think of the grille idea? OK or does it suck the big one?

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Sir, there's alot of grills out there mate:)
pond, azect, bud, 20el, feels, wald, gialla sportivo, phase, Woodbell.
imo, it would look good if you had different wheels less the red lip. ie, ccw classics or bbs lm oh and lowered too:). the photoshop looks very sporty.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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