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Grilles n Stuff.

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Been mucking about in Photoshop as I do when I get a new toy. Tossing a few ideas around to try and make it mine.
I've looked around at the various grilles available and what to do about the plastic chrome bits.
I found some perforated stainless mesh and wondered what it would look like up the Euro's nose.
I stuck the wheels I bought on too and lowered it a bit. (just dreaming- I haven't got them bored or tyres or a lowering kit yet)

What do you think of the grille idea? OK or does it suck the big one?

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Sir, there's alot of grills out there mate:)
pond, azect, bud, 20el, feels, wald, gialla sportivo, phase, Woodbell.
Hehe. Yeah I know. Being at the other side of the earth from them makes them a bit hard to come across though, and it makes them expensive. Sometimes I just like fabricating one off stuff.
More fun than just buying off the shelf.
I must be a Southern Hemisphere thing. You know. If we've got nothing better to do we go down to the beach and sand cast a new head or crankcase or something.

The wheels is just what they is. I may get them polished or powdercoated if I can't live with the red.
This. If you're going to do a colored lip on your wheels, try to do it behind the spokes and a bit more subtly (like the Kazera KZ-I--PVD blue stripe behind the spokes). Also, I'm more of an emblem-lover than not so I'd say keep the emblem in your grille, though that's a matter of personal preference...

But yeah definitely needs more low! Very nice potential, though. (^_^)b

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What the hell's a koala doing in Illinois?

Thanks for the feedback. The wheels are how I bought them. The original bbs colour and I thought I'd try to work with that because they're quite rare. I might toy with plasti dipping the centres and just leaving a narrower red line, or perhaps knocking back (darkening) the red with a plastidip toner. I'm just a bit concerned about losing their originality permanently.
But I might get over that!

Thanks Mate.
Haha, I really did pick the best person to quote, given the avatar change, didn't I? Loving the irony.

As for the wheels, they're definitely cool and unique (and they're never work on mine--color's all wrong), and they're very cool on gray/black. I think my hangup would be that they need some low over them. Otherwise it's kind of pushing classic Hot Wheels territory (which is neat in and of itself).
I could send you some gum leaves. Did you know koalas are permanently pissed on eucalyptus oil? Grumpy bastards they are. And never cuddle one unless it's wearing a diaper.

Yes I'm kind of new to the Jap car scene and I'm sort of learning what's cool and what's too 'boy racer'. I aim to drop the car but seeing the roads here are shite I can't go much lower than 2 inches unfortunately.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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