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Hey guys, great forum, always come here for help. But circumstances are such that I am on my last % of hope.

Bought this interface as I wanted something that would run andriod phones and have bluetooth. This is for an accord euro(tsx) 04, standard stereo, no nav.

The first unit I had wouldnt work. I plug it in and it does not detect. Later on I found out if I plug it in while my phone was plugged in, it would charge the phone for around 3-4 secs then stop. But it never detects, cdc option. I also tested the bluetooth module, had it connected when connecting it to the stereo. The bluetooth was on but again stopped after 3-4 secs.

Contacted the distributor here, they sent me a new replacement with data cable. And the same thing is happening.

I have a much order unit attached (soundgate) that only has aux input, that works perfectly fine. The stereo detects it and I am able to select cdc. But not with the grom unit. The fact that the second one has failed makes me think an issue with the stereo? But then why does the older one work?

All I have to do it connect here, but im stumped now what to do. A video detailing it a bit more,

Grom support had me flash to the latest firmware for the first unit I had. As before, if the usb is already plugged in, then i connect to the stereo I get power for 3-4 secs. So I assume I was able to flash. But it never detected despite countless attempts.

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