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"TSXClub is not responsible for purchases made from other members. Always proceed with caution, even if a member has tons of posts, great itrader rating, etc."

When buying items online, you don't want to only study the for sale thread, but the seller as well.
Ask yourself:
  1. Does he/she have a reputation on
  2. Does he/she have any negatives or positives iTrader feedback?
  3. Did he/she provided legitimate photos that includes a verification slip?
  4. If paying through, is he/she PayPal Verified?

Even though this guide isn't 100% guaranteed, it'll give you a wide prospective on what to look out for when purchasing online.

Unlike or, you're not purchasing from a certified business, but rather an average Joe. So what you want to do is to get to know the person more. Checkout his information on
<img src="" align="left">
Join Date: When buying, check how long he has been here. If he/she just joined, try asking the person if he is an active member on any other forum.
Posts: Post counts shows how active is the member. In some cases, active members are usually well known throughout the forum and sometimes trusted by other members. It is not recommended that you judge a member from their post count, but rather take it to consideration.
iTrader: iTrader is a system that allows members to give feedback to another member. Picture it like's feedback system. This is one of the most important thing to lookout for.
<center> iTrader</center>

<center>The iTrader system is a great tool to provide selling/buying background information about member. Note how iTrader provides the number of positive feed back the member received, and the amount of negative feed backs. When dealing with a member, be sure to actually read their feedback and go on the thread they posted and see how the buyer and seller interacted.

Negative feedback: If they person has a negative feed back it is recommended that you read why the person has a negative feedback. Sometimes a negative feed back doesn't mean the member is a bad seller. For example, Joe gave Bob and negative feed back because the package was lost during transit. Was it Bob's fault? No, the shipping company lost it, not Bob.

The #1 most trusted payment system is PayPal. Great way to pay someone without providing any personal information. Before you send money to the seller, be sure to check if the person is PayPal verified.
By using this link:
You made need to login first. Also, insert the person's email (replace "INSERTEMAILHERE!")
you can see if the person is verified by paypal.

What does PayPal verified mean?
What it Means to be Verified

To become Verified, a PayPal member in the United States must provide us with proof that he or she has opened an account at a bank or other financial institution. Because these institutions are required by law to screen account holders, PayPal's verification process increases security when you pay parties you do not know. Please note that PayPal's verification system does not constitute an endorsement of a member, nor a guarantee of a member's business practices. You should always consider other indicators when evaluating members, including length of PayPal membership and reputation scores (on eBay or other auction sites, if applicable).

Many members will advise you to pay as gift to avoid fees. This can you save some money, but you also lose out on many benefits. One of the benefits is the PayPal protection plan. When sending as gift, you are not protected by PayPal's Buyers/Sellers Protection.

It is recommended to always send gift as goods, because in the long run it can save you a lot of money.

Paying as Gift
- No Fees
- No Protection Plan

Paying as Goods
- Protection Plan
- Small Fee

The fee can change, so please visit
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