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1. need to know If this amp would be ample to run these speakers efficently....

MTX Thunder 4244
to run these speakers..

(1) 6.5" Alpine Type S Pair Speakers in Front Door

(1) 6.5" Alpine Type S Pair Speakers in Rear Door


(1) Alpine Type S 6x9's on the Back Deck

2. Is it even possible to run 3 sets of speakers on a 4 channel amp?

Just incase it matters; I do have one Alpine Type-R 12" Sub in the trunk powerd by its own MTX Thunder 6500 Amp


I just need it to do the trick; nothing EXTRAVAGANT and i was planning on somehow using the rear doors and rear deck to share a channnel and have the front on ITS own channel. I dont know if that makes a difference....??

If this isn't a good way to go.... What should i be looking for then if not that (to aid in my search for a better amp)

Its possible

;)SURE! You could do that. I would probably use a little more power though but it wouldn't make a serious increase in loudness.

Anyway, if your speakers are 4 ohms a piece (they usually are), I would put my fronts on channels 1 and 2 ( they would grab 45 watts rms per channel at 4 ohms) , then I would run the rear doors and 6x9s in parrallel. This would be 2 ohms now, drawing 60 watts per channel, hence 30 per speaker.

A little map:

Channel 1 + -------6 1/2----------- -

Channel 2 + -------6 1/2)---------- -

Channel 3
+ -----6 1/2----- -
+ -----6 x 9----- -

Channel 4
+ -----6 1/2----- -
+ -----6 x 9------ -

Note: 3 and 4 go DIRECTLY to both speakers, not through one and then the other (that would make it 8 ohms, giving you less power than the fronts [two routes with one speaker per route allows more current than one route through two speakers]).

Also, your amp is stable down to only 2 ohms! Please be sure each speaker to be attached in parallel is no less than 4 ohms! Unless you want to kill your amp until it dies from it. asdfg

Hey, one more thing, where are you getting your signal for your amplifier inputs?
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