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Hey guys, I just got my 09 TSX on Saturday. Unfortunatly I didn't know that it didn't have the owners manual in it, so while I wait for them to ship it to me...
I linked up my iPhone 4s to the system, and manually added some numbers to the phone book. The problems I'm having are
1) When I try ti import my contacts, the car breaks the bluetooth link to the phone and it yells at me for trying to pair from the wrong screen. Am I importing incorrectly? Is there something else I should be doing?

2) If I am linked to the car, can I manually select a number on the phone and have it play through the hands free link? Or does it only work if the number is stored in the car?

Hopefully someone out there can help me out while I wait for the manual. I really appreciate the help.

Adam Rutledge
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Hope This helps

Hey Man,
I have worked for honda for over 6 years and I own a tsx as well. Just bought today. 09 :D .Anyways I know the nav system inside & out.

Click the " pick up button/answer" on the steering wheel, & after beep say "PHONE SET UP". Then Hit button once more & say LIST. Right down all the names EXACTLY how it reads them off. Then after you are done, do the same processes but say DELETE instead of list & read off ALL NAMES. Then after that is done hit the hang up button.

Then hit button say phone set up, then hit button again and say pair.

Hopefully that should fit it. Also, if you have the tech pkg, before you repair, hit info button on your center stack, then celular phone book, then delete anything that is there. Also, I would remove any pins that might be in the nav for your address.

If you do all of the above, should fix your problems, If not, I would take it to a honda or acura dealer and talk to a service advisor & he can look at it for you.

Hope this helped some.

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