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HVAC System NOT working at all. Help!

When I push the Auto button it seems like the AC fan kicks on but then will turn right off. The blower will not turn on at all. Even when I try to manually control the AC/Heat, the blower will not come on and there is no air flow from the vents. I have an Autel Maxidas Scanner/Programmer and no DTC's are present. I was able to run the HVAC Built in system self Diagnostic and it returned a DTC Code "N" on the clock display which refers to "A Problem in the Blower Motor Circuit". In the repair manual the first step is to clear any DTC's then check the fuses. Well I checked the 2 fuses it references and they are OK. Question is since my scanner is not picking up any DTC's, how do I clear the Code "N" that is in the HVAC system?


'04TSX 6MT w/Navi
1 - 1 of 236 Posts