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So now time for a discussion about the problem I had on Saturday's canyon run with my brakes. Mods are as follow.

*Pretty sure that its Generic Brand Rotors, resurfaced <100miles ago.
*SS Lines
*Hawk HP+ Pads
*Amsoil Fluid.

The brakes would feel perfect for the first 6-8mins, then would start overheating on the canyons. Especially after Liliac, when I stopped. The whole time, I felt 0% fade, and coming to full stop they just gave out. And smoked like CRAZY.

After the second run, I felt fade/overheating by the last 10-15corners, and was smoking when we stopped.

Driving style was fairly agressive yet I still engine braked as much as possible.

The bottleneck could be the cheap rotors not cooling down soon? May be?
Will ducts help a bit more, which im surely doing?

Btw never had this problem before the brake upgrade, but before this I never had good braking power either so I think I need to upgrade the rotors now?

Coming from a S2k, and CM7 Accord, feels good to add the TSX to the stable. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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