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Header help!?!?!?!?!?

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My car is significantly low, I'm a form over function guy, but I would love to get bolts ons and be satisfied for a while, so my question is...what header give the best ground clearance, my friend said PLM Tri-y has the best clearance but he is running it on his em1 b16, so I figured the K24 PLM Tri-y would be different, significantly different, so any input or suggestions would help. If it helps, I plan on running a 2.5 single exit mandrel bent exhaust.
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Unless the header is designed incorrectly or for another platform (CL7), its shouldn't drop below the tunnel to begin with. The PLM is a Hytech replica with proven gains. You will lose the cat if you're planning on a simple bot-on affair with no custom work. The included test pipe needs to be fitted then welded together, its a slip joint adjustable length application. Obviously you're having custom work done, but I thought I'd still share the info.

The weapon r gives significant gains as well.

There are plenty of installation threads here of various different headers with pictures included, showing clearance. For the most part, you shouldn't experience issues. Just check out others threads

Best of luck.
Thanks man, much appreciated, another quick question, should I run a resonator with the PLM and single exit? I'm going with an apexi n1 muffler.
If you don't it will be incredibly loud and raspy. Check out the 18inch vibrant resonator. I and other members here have used it and it works well with the k24 at cruising speeds.

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