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Anyone know where to find headrest screens for the tsx??

another thing, where do we buy an adapter for the NAV screen to use for other video. Please explain the entire setup. from step 1 to the end. PLEASE!

I really want to have some video in my car, so please help me out. I am not an expert but i would like to know how to put all this stuff in my car for further mods. Can someone also explain how to setup the headrest monitors as well?

by the way, i am located in san jose california so a place around here would be nice. (For installation and/or purchase). However if it easy to install, i would like to do it myself if possible.

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FASTSX this question was just asked like 2 weeks ago. do a search dude.

to make Nav/DVD conversion work you need :
for Video: Converter unit ($325) (plug-n-play unit, no wire splicing)
for Audio: wireless fm module ($50) or shnod3 adapter (~$100)
for palyer: dvd player + tv tuner ($150) model number DV2605 (or your own)

I don't feel like to go into headrest screen - IMO a bit excessive for TSX...esp. for 20-yr-old like you.

Prices were quoted by this vedor as of 2 weeks ago. Vendor Site

This vendor is a custom shop in Brooklyn, NY I spoke with the owner about getting this done but changed my mind (not worth it). His name is Vitaly Sokolov.

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