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Heeltoe Camber Kits GB Re-Launched! Skunk2 and Ingalls BOGB Promo

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We've decided to relaunch this GB as a "BO-GB" since the Skunk2 upper arms and Ingalls rear arms (38725 kits) are on Back-Order for most of this month. Since many people order these and we won't be shipping til the end of the month, we might as well get you some special pricing for a pre-order!

Cliff's Notes:
Total People Needed: 15
Price: $varies (with 15 people)
Link to Where To Buy In and Product Details:
Camber Kits Group Buy, HTSpec Skunk2 & Ingalls for 99-12 TL, 04-12 TSX, and 98-12 Accords!
Ending Date: 10/21/12

Ok cheater, read on for more specifics… :)

99-03 TL / 01-03 CL / 98-02 Accord (Front and rear Ingalls sets on bulk-buy!)

04-08 TSX / 04-08 TL / 03-07 Accord (Front Skunk2 and rear Ingalls sets on bulk-buy!)

09- TSX / 09- TL / 08- Accord (Front and *ALL NEW* rear Ingalls sets on bulk-buy!)

Join this Group Buy to get a great deal on Front and Rear camber kits today!

We are assuming you are familiar with these products, but below are a few benefits of adding these sets to your Accord, CL, TL, or TSX:
  • Adjust camber for reduced inner or outer tire wear!
  • More GRRRIP in corners!
  • No interference to the wheelhouse on slammed cars!
  • Installs and adjusts much easier than the competition!
  • Helps you get your wheel fitment PERFECT!

For More Details On This Product, Please Visit The ""Buy-In"" Link Provided In The Instructions Below!

Retail Price: $varies
Regular Heeltoe Price including coupons: $varies
GROUP BUY DEAL: $varies, but prices are about 10% off what we normally sell at! (with 15 people)


General Shipping and Payment details:
  • All those who need shipping = Shipping cost is calculated in the shopping cart when checking out.
  • Payment options in the cart are Credit Card (USA Only), PayPal, Money Order by mail, or Cash Local Pickup.
  • Payment is due at the time of JOINING the group buy, unless you pay cash then you pay when you pick up. All payments are 100% refundable should the volume requirement not be met. Read this link for money management procedures.

1- BUY IN on using this link:
  • Goto Buy-In link above and choose your car, front/rear/or both. Enter your screen name and select home forum.
  • Add parts to shopping cart for your shipping cost (you may choose local will call at this time as well).
  • Choose your payment option (CC, PP, or Cash) and then check out!
2- Wait for your name to be added to the list on your respective forum.
For security purposes you may request to remain anonymous. Your order number will be indicated instead of your name.

3- Watch the list grow (Psst, frequent bumping and adding a link to your sig will help things progress quicker).
4- Wait for the deadline. When the deadline is reached...
  • ... if there are enough people on the list we will proceed with filling the orders!
  • ... if there are not enough people, we will give you the option of exclusive pricing on the your selection (after all, you did want it, right?).
  • ... if you decline to participate, regardless if we have enough people or not, we will process a 100% refund for store credit, or a 95% money-back refund.
5- Enjoy your Skunk2 and Ingalls Camber Kits.

Requirement for pricing guarantee: 15

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and the prices posted right now are priced as a set? not just for a right or left sides? just double checking
and the prices posted right now are priced as a set? not just for a right or left sides? just double checking
For both sides.
We had a question in another forum that applies here:

so what's needed for a 2011 tsx
i'm interested
i heard about some triple rear bar kit?
The SPC and Megan kits are 3 bars on each side. We are promoting the simpler and less costly Ingalls kit which has a single adjustable ball joint and a single bar per side. This is for the rear.
9 more days left before the group buy ends.
2 more days to place your order before the GB ends.
Group Buy List Updated!

Group Buy Extended for 2 More Weeks!

Shipping out units in 2 weeks :tu2:

Any questions please email:

[email protected]
Hi has been a long &^%&*ing wait for the Skunk2 camber arms but we finally have some confidence in saying we expect to get our backlog filled in the next two weeks. This is a last-chance for you to get in on this GB deal. Once the parts come in the price for these arms is going to up to normal price!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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