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:victory::victory:Well I set out looking for 1 of two things

either a civic shell for my little d swap I built or a accord for my soon to be wife since i was recently hit by a 18 wheeler and totaled out our other way of going

looked all over for a shell and could find any one that wouldn't back out on me so I got fed up with that idea

looked all over town at used accords and did not like any so i went out of town and still didn't really like what i saw and i happened to stumble on this beautiful 2005 tsx had 94k miles every thing was super clean i drove it and was amazed at how smooth it drove the dealer let me take it home and she was thrilled with it so needless to say when i went back it came home with me now im thinking of getting another one for my self or at least a couple k motors to play with
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