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Hi All,

I picked up a pearl white 08 TSX with AT about two years ago for my teen daughter who was a new driver. I'm partial to Hondas--never had a bad one--and the TSX seemed like a great first vehicle for her.

It was in pretty good shape. Interior and exterior were (still) fantastic, minus a cracked fog light lens. Replaced the broken fog light lens, the ps rack (leaking), rear wheel bearings, and did a brake job. Front needed pads and rotors, but went ahead and did rear while I was replacing wheel bearings. I also went ahead and did an oil/filter change, AT flush, new plugs, new air/cabin filters, etc. since I had no idea how long it had been since those were done. Not all were bad, but I like to start fresh so I know where things stand. Starter has always had a drag, but not bad enough to put in the work to replace (or pay to replace).

It's been rock solid and currently has 158K miles. It's a fun car to drive. I could easily see it being my daily driver. Only issue for me is I'm 6'2" and it's a bit of a job to fall in and out. :) Once in, it has plenty of room.

Do have one issue that I'm not quite sure where to start the diagnosis. In the past year or so, it has developed a vibration when in drive and brake pedal is fully applied (e.g. stopped at an intersection). Put in neutral or park and the vibration goes away. Asked my trusted go to shop to check the motor mounts (if bad, I didn't want to DIY replace those). They said the mounts look fine. Wondering if it might be the torque converter. What else might it be?
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