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Hello! What you guys think about this??

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Thinking about purchasing a 2005 Tsx.
It has 114k miles on it, auto with Tan Interior and Navigation.
It has a Full Aspec Lip kit, With Function Form Type One Coilovers.
It has 18x8.5 blue xxr with kuhmo 205-40-15 tires.

Cons: It has a crack on the Navigation, Scratch on the rear door passenger side.

And also.....Rebuilt Title :/

The rebuilt title is do to a accident. It was hit on the rear passenger door side.

I havent look at the car let, planning on looking at it on monday.

What you guys think about it? being a rebuilt title...
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FYI - In those pictures it only has the Aspec front lip and spoiler.
Hes asking 10k obo

And yes i no. idk why i put full lip kit.
$10K for a 2005 with 114K miles would be one thing. But for a car with a rebuilt title? No chance.
Agreed, way too much money for a car with a rebuilt title...
Ok so what would be a reasonable offer to give him. i dont want to lowball, and i refuse to pay top dollars for a 05 with a rebuilt title.
Well, that's assuming the car is fine. But the whole subject of salvage/rebuilt titles opens a door of mystery. Needless to say, an insurance company totaled this car because it had an extreme amount of damage. (More than just a "rear door" being repaired. Otherwise, they would have paid to repair it, not replace the entire car...and insurance companies don't make bad bets with their money.) Quite often salvage cars have frame or alignment issues and don't drive like they once did.

The question I'd ask is, can you see the body shop bill? What did they fix? Also, when did it happen? If it was before the current owner bought it, then the value of the car was even higher...and thus the threshold to total it was even higher = more damage. A clue: the navi screen has a that from the impact? Were any airbags deployed? If yes to both questions, the car was in a serious accident.
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^all this, plus it's an auto. I kick myself EVERY DAY for not shopping longer for a six speed
Honestly, I would pass on this and look for one with a clean title. Sure you may end up spending a few thousand less but a car with a rebuilt title will likely give you major headache down the road. Plus the fact that it's been modified does not help matters. I would only buy a modified car if it was owned by a relative, a good friend, or from a reputable source.
Yeah I looked at a rebuilt title tsx that had a nice price tag on it but the frame was so jacked. Looked nice up front but once you drove you can tell it was now legged. Haha. Save the stress man... You get what you pay for.

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thanks everyone on the quick response. I will offer him 8k as is, after i get it inspected. If the inspection is good i will buy, if they say anything negative about it i will pass.
I will be taking it to the Acura dealership which they charge $125 for a 150 point inspection.

Thanks for all the help guys
I totally pass! save yourself the time and hassle! A good deal will come JUST BE PATIENT!
IMO pass .. TBH good offer would be close to $7k if i was you ... tell him to keep everything if he's trying to jack up the price because of the aftermarket parts.. KBB for a CLEAN TITLE is Good $9,071 or Fair $7,946 .. so either get it to $7k or pass .. tsx are really cheap now days ..

For example here is someone selling 05 no accident w/113k miles for $9k neg


SO keep looking and stay away from salvage .. no matter if everything checks out .. the always bring headachs .. also remember when you go to sell it you will never see more then $6k for the car .. going to take a huge loss...
Alright guys, he said he would mind if i took it to a dealership to inspect it before me purchasing it (saying the nearest dealership is 30miles away) so i am just going to pass on it and keep looking...Thanks for all your help guys!
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