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HELP! Aftermarket rear door speakers?

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I just purchased a 2006 Acura TSX and the factory sound system makes me absolutely cry. I am coming from a 2010 Infiniti G37S with the Bose system and had a 10" Memphis sub in it. I want to get equivalent, preferably better, sound in the TSX.

Before I install the sub I want to buy speakers, but has been giving me headaches. I am being told the rear speakers will only fit with cutting the factory grille, true or false?

I am looking at the Polk Audio DXi 5250 5.25" components for the front with the adapter to use for 6.5" and the Polk Audio DXi 650s 6.5" for the rear.

I have tried searching the forum, I can not find a definitive answer. I may be new to TSXClub, but not new to forums, so please do not flame. Tried searching here and Google. Help! Thanks!
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Are you running an amp to power the speakers? The stock amp won't be powerful enough to power those.
It's 6.5 front and rear door and 6x9 in the rear deck. The rear doors are shallow. That's the reason fitment might be an issue.

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I will be powering an amp to the speakers only, but anyone try replacing the rear door speakers with the Polk Audio DXi 650s? They are shallow fit speakers. Or any suggestions from Crutchfield? I am specific to Crutchfield since I have gift cards from work that are accepted there.
My rear door:

Make MDF rings, screw them on the door:

Put the speakers on the ring:

And for the cables, don't botter to try put the wires trough the door, just find the origal wires and cut them:

Solder them:

Problem solved ;)
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Thank you sir!
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