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I know this has come up various times, but i looked through the search option and i could not find out "HOW DO I KNOW THAT MY CLUTCH IS BAD"

I have been driving my tsx for quite some time now, ya know about 3500 miles. After a couple of hard runs i get this putrid smell which is not so pleasant. So i stopped doing so and then all of a sudden i got this urge to push it a little bit today and the smell came back. anyways it now feels that my car is lagging in what they say "catching the gears" and it feels as though that i have to rev higher to get a smooth shift. If this makes sense to anyone, please advise on what i should do? Is it time to ask the dealer? and yes i know "don't drive hard anymore." But really, if someone knows how to figure out if your clutch is bad let me know. Thanks, your response is really appreciated.

FYI: i am a beginner to the manual transmission but i am not bad, i actually don't burn the clutch as others do. I am very careful not to do so but sometimes it has happened (hard launches, taking off in second gear on accident) but nothing too major.

Do you slip the clutch? That is when you are revving high but have a little bit of pressure on the clutch pedal. It's not a good thing to do. When you heat up the clutch, or brakes for that matter, they smell bad. My guess is your clutch might be glazed and slipping a bit. You have to break in the clutch very well to let it seat correctly. If you drove it hard when it was brand new, It might be glazed slighlty. Next time you drive it try being very smooth and watch the tach, at the instant you release the clutch all the way out, watch the tach. If it looks like the clutch is still engaging, in other words the RPMS drop a bit, then the clutch is slipping.
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