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Help! I need your advice on my leasing situation

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I leased my TSX on Augst 2003. When I started to lease it, I never thought I would have a job 40 miles from my home, that means I spend at least 80 miles/day for going to work. Now my mileage is 18K already, which is not looking good based on the leasing agreement ( max 12K / yr ).

I lease this car for 3 yrs, so the max mileage I could spend is 36K. Now...if everything going alright in my work place, I might spend a lot more than 36K by the end of the leasing period. That means I will definitely exceed the max mileage, and I should pay around 15cent / mileage.

After calculating the mileage, I might end up paying another $5K :(

Please, I need some advices how to avoid paying $5K for nothing. Is it possible to 'BUY' this car now ? Which means change the agreement paper stuff. Any advice would be appreciated!!!

Thanks a bunch !

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Actually I don't see what "positive equity" has to do with it.

Mainly because I probably don't understand what it means. :D

Anyway......the question of whether it's a good idea to do the buyout and then sell it privately depends on one simple thing: Could you really sell it privately for more than the buyout figure?

And in this case, it sounds like the answer to that one is: Don't count on it.
Maybe you could, but I think probably not, and anyway it would be total speculation.
It isn't anything you could plan on, and it certainly isn't a way you could figure to recoup the potential loss you're talking about.
After 3 years, and especially with 45,000 miles? No way.
Acura604 said:
NOTE: am quoting in canadian dollars.
OH!!! In that case, never mind!

My stuff was assuming you meant U.S.

masboy -- Are your figures CDN too?
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