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HELP! Odd grinding/creaking/humming noise..Clutch??

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Okay so I've had my TSX for about a year now, and I have done a few things to her:
Function Form Type 1's
Stage 1 Exedy Clutch
So far, those are the major upgrades that i've done. Now, after my mechanic installed my Stage 1 Clutch and Flywheel, after about a day or two I noticed this awful sound coming from the clutch I THINK.. Ill describe it as best as I can. The weird thing is that it only happens about 60% of the time...other times, sounds normal.
Disengaging the clutch (pushing my foot down) no noise. Selecting 1st gear, no noise.. slowly engaging the clutch its creaks.. then i hear like a metal on metal spinning grinding noise..then i start moving forward at low RPMs and it goes away during ACCELERATION. If i let it glide in a gear this noise is a loud grinding/metal rubbing harmonic tone. My mechanic denies any issues with it, even when I took him for a ride. I KNOW theres something up, but can't find anyone on here with similar problems.
My thoughts are as follows... Low fluid levels? Transmission problem? Clutch is bad? OR it may be an axel/ball bearing issue because it makes that similar creaking noise around turns very rarely... If ANYONE has a hunch, please let me know!!!!!
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