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any exhaust shop should be able to do it. here's my over all progress

- very quiet sound
- magnaflow 14289

- still very quiet, but after driving a while and exhaust heats up, you can hear it A LITTLE bit
- magnaflow 14289
- from stock resonator, increase pipes to 2.5", then split to 2.25 to the mufflers

- what i have now. sounds perfect for me, although i think it gets a bit TOO loud for my taste after driving for over an hr, but most of my friends love it (im a bit more conservative)

- magnaflow 14289
- 2.5" pipes, split to 2.25" to muffler
- 18" magnaflow resonator, 4" diameter, to replace the stock one
- stock cat
- no rasp
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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