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Help radio code???

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hi, everyone. I have a problem. I changed my wife tsx battery and installed a new one. I have the codes but my navi codes work. But my radio code wont. Tried it 3 times but to no results. I manage to get the code for it and it comes up 1003 5581? Can anyone help me get this code? Thanks:mecry:
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there is a way to get the radio serial number by pressing buttons after u get the serial ur local acura dealership and act as if u are calling from another dealership like ford nissan like "hey this is daniel from so n so dealership...have a customer that needs his/her radio code...i have the serial #....provide it and in no time u get the 4 digit code...done it plenty of times to a point where i dont even write it my code down...!

here is a link on how to get the radio code:

if u have navi...navi serial # is located in the trunk/dvd rom

hope this helps

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