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Help! Reverse Whining. NOT normal. 06 AT

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Hey guys,
I have been reading and reading posts/threads/etc. searching for an answer and no luck. I have a 2006 AT with 129k miles. I have had a lot of recent problems and have spent more time jacking with my car lately than I prefer (including a new front bumper, headlights, fog lights, skid plate, splash guards.) But now I have a problem I can't diagnose and I am afraid to take it to a mechanic because it could be transmission related.

So when I start the car and shift into reverse I hear a loud, clearly not normal whinning sound. I have read the threads where people think the typical reverse noise sounds concerning but it turns out the car is FWD and has different gears for reverse, etc. This is not that issue.

My car just started making this noise 2 weeks ago and the noise would happen occassionally when starting the car and shifting into reverse. Now it happens 100% of the time.

As soon as you shift into Drive the sounds dissappears.

Any advice? I am going to take the rear wheels off tonight to check the brakes but I have heard the sound of rear brakes going out and this is NOT that sound. Assuming it is the rear gear in my there a DIY fix for this? Or am I in over my head? How much would something like this cost? Keep in mind the car is only worth around $8.5K on a good day with no mechanical issues.

Help! Please!

Trey (WHK3)
in Houston
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When you say "3x3", what do you mean? And it could be the gear in the tranny going bad. But when you do a genuine tranny flush you should have in total 10qts of fluid you go through. 1 of those quarts can be re-used for the .1 part and obviously the other 9 are for the 3. You drain, refill, drive, drain, refill, repeat. You want to do it 3 times because it flushes everything out fully. The first one I did the fluid was still dark so I did 2 more and now its red again. But for the whining I would suspect the gear could be going out. Is it just when you go into reverse or when you're in reverse and backing up. If backing up that noise is normal if you're going "faster" than normal, like 15, 20mph
I drained the plug (cleaned it too) and put in 3 quarts. Drove it on the highway. Drained. Refilled. Drove it again. Drained. Refilled. 3 quarts 3 times. Was I supposed to do 1 more quart? I checked the levels and they appeared within range.

The sound is when backing up. However, I am not going fast at all. Like 1 mph. Again, there is nothing about this screeching sound that is normal. It makes heads turn.
Okay you should be good on the flush then. Yeah the whine I would go a shop that you trust and ask if they can look or give you an idea. Don't let them trap you with diag time cause thats normally 80-100/hr around where I live.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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