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help! tires on, little rubbing issues!

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so i got the wheels on with 225/40 and the back with no camber kit. its lowered but will rub and the front is barely there. any suggestions?
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It rubs in the front or rear? You still have the Ingalls rear camber kit? Could always raise the car a little.
i raised up a little bit and looks good now, i still do have the camber kit but no time until next day off. as i drive, its rubs minor but my buddy said it will go away due to probably rubbing the fender well and probably will go away, yay or nay? so far, i have no problems. did a test run on an empty parking lot but so far so good.
as for rolling fenders, i need to get it professionally done, any suggestions?
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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