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Hey all, just picked up a 2006 Acura TSX and am looking to upgrade the crappy factory sound system. I previously had a 2011 Tacoma and have some goodies left over that I'd like to use:

-Hybrid Audio Technologies Imagine 6.5"
-JL XR650cxi rear 6.5" coaxials
-Alpine PDX5 amp
-Arc 10" D2 sub

Considering selling the Arc and the PDX5 and moving to a 12" IDQ12v3 / PDX V9 setup.

From what I've read, everyone recommends a JBL MS8 sound processor since there are no aftermarket dash kits and the factory HU must be retained. I have no desire to install an aftermarket head unit in the lower storage pocket, so I would like to go this route.

Would the MS8 work well with the PDX V9? I've also heard many people suggest going active, which I know nothing about.

If anyone could make some suggestions, I would really appreciate it. My setup in the Tacoma sounded great but I'm kinda lost with this MS8 thrown into the mix.

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