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Engine light came on my '05 TSX months ago and after being told the particular problem didn't need to be fixed immediately I chose not to hoping it would clear bec I may have overfilled the tank or something. Anyway it didn't and then failed NJ inspection bec of the engine light eventhough emissions were fine.

When I called the dealer to order the EVAP vent solenoid valve she told me that she didnt see the part on her computer so it must be integrated into a larger part for the '05 TSX. It is available separate for newer models, she said. She was nice enough to share some notes w me about that error (spider web clogging hose, gas cap, etc).

My question is does anyone know what the part that contains the EVAP vent solenoid valve is called for a 2005 TSX and where can I get one?
Also is there any other diagnostics I should have done first since they dont do returns at the dealer?

Any info/advice would be much appreciated.

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