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Alright guys. My Eibach Sportline springs came in last friday:jump: I was so excited that I pulled out my tool box, rolled out the jack, and got started. I wanted to start with the rear springs first, since they are a little tougher to get to. TALK ABOUT IT. I took apart the whole trunk looking for the "knuckle". I was so damn frustrated! Does anyone know how to get to the rear "knuckles"?? If so... please help. I dont wanna have to dish out $240 for installation at a local shop. Thanks guys.
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normally u get to them in the back, not nearly in the trunk but between them and the rear seats, some times u have to remove the plastic by the third rear brake light, and hey are located on the imeddiate left and right

mine come in today to, installing tomorrow
crazy i have a black/ebony 6spd too, this is strange.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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