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I'm getting the passenger side window popping bad at night. Hits when it's about 65 degrees with a lot of moisture in the air. I had found a few really good posts on here, i thought, in a problems section. I had the idea that i'd print out everyone elses comments so I could bring it to the dealer and get the problem fixxed (some of the folks on here had it fixxed and posted exactly what was wrong). I've tried to find it since but have been unable. Not sure if I'm looking in the wrong place or what, but if anyone knows where i can find these posts... HELP! THE POPPING IS DRIVING ME CRAZY! :banghead:

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I did a search for some relevant threads, and here's what came up:

Edit: It looks like that link stopped giving, at the end of this post, I'm going to list the threads that were supposed to show up.

As of now, 5 threads are coming up. Forget the first one -- it's mostly about other stuff. But the others are relevant.

Don't know if any of them will be particularly helpful, though, except maybe to demonstrate to the dealer that the problem is widespread, in case they have any doubts.

Anyway, the good news is that most people with such problems who've taken the car in have been able to get it taken care of, although sometimes it takes more than just a day and sometimes it even takes more than one try.

BTW if you want to do a further search, you should use "rattle" and "rattles" as the key words.

Here are the threads that were supposed to show from that link:
(This is the one mentioned below by Whatchamacallit.)

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I'm not sure if this is the solution to your problem, but try this thread:

There were 2 suggestions.

(1) Wiping down the window rubber trims/molding with vinyl treatment sprays

(2) Rolling the window all the way up, and then lowering it ever so slightly to give the rubber trims/moldings some space to flex and breathe.

Good luck and let us know how things turn out.
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