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New Photos added on 05/05/2011!!

Hey guys, I was in HK for one night (VISA) so I took some photos of the HK lifestyle and also cars. But for now here is just a few... Enjoy!

HK Island from Star Ferry

Old Accord

And... Of course new Accord (04-05 TSX)!!

(Sorry for the only photo but the car was going by real fast...)

VIP 350Z with VIP Vans


HK Night Life

View from hotel on 76th floor

Panda Van

Honda Fit-like

Tastefully modded Honda Freed

IFC Tower

IFC Mall

Looks 100x better than Sienna

Harbor City - BIG mall

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hk! :woot:

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theres a street on Mong Kok, im not sure if you guys been there in HK, theres a specific street in that region, ALL mod cars, garages from top of the street till down the street, mod cars to no ends :bawling:
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