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Hi everybody,

I'm from Sydney, Australia and I bought my Honda Accord Euro as my first car (2003 model - 6MT) and I absolutely love it. I've searched the web for the brochure, including this forum that promotes this car and I've had no luck. Honda Australia used to have an archive of old brochures but they removed it. Also, links on the 2003 Australian brochure on the official Honda website, that I've found through this forum, have been dead for years.

So I'm interested as to whether anyone would be kind enough to either scan me a copy or send me a pdf of this brochure. I would be happy with either a 2003/2004 Australian Accord Euro brochure and I would greatly appreciate this. If anyone would like pictures of my car in return or something like that, I would be very happy to.

Many thanks!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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